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Our market neutral strategy exploits price inefficiencies and volatility within cryptocurrency markets and digital asset markets by applying proprietary algorithms to our statistical arbitrage and long/short investment strategies.

Our mission is to offer institutional investors the opportunity to gain exposure to the world’s fastest growing emerging asset class.

Carlos Betancourt

Founding Principal

We are determined in bringing institutional grade compliance and rigorous risk management to this nascent asset class.

Kevin Kang

Founding Principal


We are at the forefront of the digital assets revolution and offer institutional investors an opportunity to capitalize on inefficient market conditions and gain exposure to the asset class through active and fully customizable strategies

Risk Management

We diligently analyze risk from every facet of the
portfolio both before and after we implement any investment strategies by placing a major emphasis on risk management, our team has built and will
continue to maintain a robust and long-lasting track record.


To maintain the highest level of compliance throughout the fund management, we deploy state of art portfolio management systems that deliver real-time information with a high degree of accuracy. Our dynamic portfolio management system demonstrates a strong culture of compliance.


We implement a systematic investment approach, while utilizing decades of investment experience to anticipate and adapt to changes in our models. By combining our team’s investment prowess with our
proprietary algorithms, we are able to stay ahead of the competition.


BKCoin Management LLC, an investment manager, is registered and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA.

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