Our funds

BKCoin Capital offers five distinct funds for institutional investors. All of our strategies are designed to help investors achieve superior returns, and benefit from the combination of our team’s investment prowess and proprietary algorithms.

BKCoin Multi-Strategy

The BKCoin Multi-Strategy Fund is designed to produce absolute returns in all market environments, featuring a weighted split between the fund's market neutral flagship strategy and Active Value Strategy. The diversification across our quantitative strategies allows investors to achieve a low volatility return profile from capitalizing on idiosyncratic alpha opportunities, while reducing concentration risk. The goal of the fund is to give investors added directional exposure to increase the fund's returns when the market environment is unfavorable to market neutral strategies.

BKCoin DeFi Opportunistic

BKCoin's DeFi Fund takes an opportunistic approach in order to be able to capitalize on the rapidly changing DeFi market. A concentrated portfolio of directional positions allow us to maximize the best opportunities the DeFi market has to offer. We combine multiple strategies that typically invest in 10-15 liquid tokens at any point in time, while performing meticulous fundamental and risk analysis. The strategies are predominantly driven by discretionary and quantitative strategies focused on decentralized finance and adjacent assets.

BK Ventures

BK Ventures is BKCoin Capital’s inaugural venture fund focused on crypto protocols and companies. The fund invests in early to growth-stage companies that enable the adoption of digital assets, as well as distressed assets. Investments are made through proprietary deal flow, as well as by leveraging BKCoin’s extensive network and brand reputation in the blockchain ecosystem.
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Market Making

We provide liquidity across major exchanges by quoting two-sided markets on multiple currency pairs. Our proprietary high frequency algorithms allow us to provide deep liquidity at every level of the order book and generate alpha by collecting the bid-ask spread with dynamic hedging.


Bitcoin & Ethereum Smart Beta: Bitcoin and Ethereum denominated strategies that utilize arbitrage, mean-reversion, momentum, and trend following components in order to provide superior risk adjusted returns for investors that are seeking either bitcoin or ethereum accumulation.


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