Carlos Betancourt

Founding Principal

Carlos is a Founding Principal of BKCoin Capital LP. He oversees the firm’s daily operations, including legal and compliance. He also manages the Funds research staff.

Prior to founding BKCoin Capital, Carlos was the Founder and Managing Director of Yorkville Commodities, a full-service physical commodities brokerage and consulting firm that offered financing services to small and medium-sized companies operating in the energy, mining, and natural resources sectors in North America and LATAM. His previous experience includes working at AMCI Group as a Commodities Manager, KCM Asset Management as an Equity Analyst, and The Newport Group as a Business Analyst.

Carlos is actively involved in helping current students from his alma mater’s prestigious Roland George Investment Program develop skills to become successful professionals. As a former Division I student-athlete, he enjoys an active lifestyle and participates in several sports leagues in NYC.

Carlos earned his B.A. in Finance and MBA with a concentration in Finance from Stetson University. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Papiamento.