Kevin Valentine


Kevin Valentine is a venture investor and entrepreneur with 23 years of experience in capital markets and venture capital. His career began at Moody's Investor Service in the Financial Institutions and Sovereign Risk Group which lead to a role as Director of Risk Management. From Moody's Mr. Valentine moved to venture capital at Q-Bank Group.

While at Q-Bank, Mr. Valentine collaborated with academic institutions such as the University of Oxford and MIT as well as the Department of Defense and IARPA, commercializing novel technologies across various categories such as cognitive computing, cybersecurity, neuroscience, and digital health.

In his current role as Managing Partner at Alisio Ventures, Mr. Valentine is focused on venture and angel investments in crypto protocols. Mr. Valentine brings a deep understanding of application, DeFi and Web3 protocols. Mr. Valentine graduated from Morehouse College with a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in finance.